Ayurpalana is one of the best Best physiotherapy centre in Palakkad. Physiotherapy and Ayurveda are ideal for the people, who are affected by an accident, illness, disability and Age-related issues. It is ideal for the people for their post-recovery period and recapitalization.

Ayurveda has a lot of therapies like pizichil, followed by elakkizhi and Navara Kizhi can help to heal the ligaments and bring back normalcy in no time. Each therapy has its own purpose for curing the pain and gets us relief. They are selected by the ayurvedic practitioner, based on careful examination of the patient’s body condition.

Along with these therapies, there are herbal treatments also available.

They are Guggulu, Rasna, Garlic, Indian Gooseberry, and Indian Aloe. While undergoing, any of these treatments, we must abstain from this food (curd & all sour items pulses (except moong dal), rice, meat, fish, white bread, sugar, refined cereals, fried foods, tea or coffee, potato & lemon juice.).

However, Celery seeds and bitter guards are highly beneficial. our honest and varied service makes us the best physiotherapy centre in Palakkad