According to Ayurveda, varicose veins are primarily a Vata disorder, caused by an imbalance invyana Vata, which creates increased pressure that affects the valves and elasticity of the veins. In Layman’s language, they appear to be swollen and bulging and can be discerned beneath the surface of the skin. Varicose veins might be dim in shading or may hold their unique shading, extending from a light purplish-red to a nearly naval force blue. They are about constantly difficult. On account of delayed varicose veins, they could be joined by skin stripping and skin ulcers might be believed to create.

What are the causes and symptoms for varicose veins problems?

It occurs because of diet imbalance, put more strain on the legs, wearing constrictive clothing and total lack of exercise and symptoms include veins look dark blue or purplish-red, swollen, and twisted under the skin. Some people have swelling of the feet and itching directly under the vein.

The treatment plan for varicose vein:

We have a dedicated department for varicose vein treatments. We offer different kinds of packages depends upon the patient’s age and severity of the disease. We provide best treatment for Varicose vein treatment in Kerala. A proper diet plan is one of the major treatments for varicose vein problems. The diet should include whole food grains instead of processed or polished food grains. Wheat and millet are particularly beneficial. Fresh fruits are very much needed. A generous amount of water should be consumed daily. Onion and garlic should be included in the food. Apart from diet, Herbal treatment also advisable, like Brahmi, an indigenous plant is highly beneficial for varicose vein treatment. Oil massage also advisable, but with the most careful manner because directly apply of the oil to the affected parts may increase the pressure on them.

Moreover, patients are advised to lead a stress-free life and have a sound sleep.