Ayurveda means “Science of Life”. It treats the body as a system and seeks the well being of the person. It acknowledges that good health is the result of the balance between the 3 body elements that is Vata, pitta, and Kapha. The imbalance between these three will result in diseases. The treatment should be aimed at restoring this balance.Kerala Ayurvedic massage ensures the balance between the mind and the body.

Oils are one of the widely used ayurvedic remedies and there are  a lot of benefits of an ayurvedic oil massage such as it relieves pain, it improves the blood circulation of the body, gives fresh energy to mind and body and it clears the stress and toxins from our body, which accumulate on a regular basis in our body. Overall, our skin will be glowing and it reduces the aging.

There are several types of  Ayurvedic Oil massages are available:

Srotabhyanga Massage:
This treatment helps us to remove the toxins in the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems and reactivate metabolism. It is recommended in cases of water retention, circulatory problems, tiredness and excess of toxins in the body.
Marma Massage:
It is a comprehensive massage that activates blood circulation, strengthens the function of the brain and has a calming and relaxing effect on body, mind and soul.

Padabhyanga Massage:

It is a very common foot massage in India. It has very high relaxing power and is especially recommended to improve headaches, reduce nervousness and eliminate insomnia.