The issue of infertility is really ordinary nowadays and it has moved toward becoming the need of great importance to discover an arrangement that is having less confusion and moderate. Ayurvedic foundation about the significance of treatment of Infertility is completely investigated in old writing Atharvaveda.

There are numerous reasons for infertility in Woman and man:

Female elements of Infertility are uterine issues, PCOS, endometriosis and so on. Menstrual cycle also can be influenced by numerous variables, for example, diet, emotional instability, unreasonable physical exercise, way of life, and stress answerable for making an unevenness of the Doshas.

Male variables of infertility are influenced by sperm generation or sperm transport, which incorporate varicocele, diseases, discharge issues, tumors, hormone lopsided characteristics, deformities of tubules that transport sperm and so forth.

According to Ayurveda, the fundamental driver of any irregular capacity in the body is agnimandya and tridosha dushti and Proper diet is essential part in Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda treats the whole body instead of treating the individual illness.

These are the some common treatments for infertility in Ayurveda:

They are Agni deepana and Ama pachana, Vatanulomana, Sodhana, Swedanam, Vamanam, Banyan Tree Bark and Shatavari Based on patient’s health and mental condition, the Ayurveda practitioner recommends the treatments for them. Before undergoing these treatments, strict diet should be followed.

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